AOK Baden-Württemberg – KundenCenter Wertheim
Bahnhofstraße 23, 97877 Wertheim, Germany
Rating: 4.9
Rated count: 19

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “AOK Baden-Württemberg – KundenCenter Wertheim”
  1. I was able to complete my student internship here. Very friendly and competent team. I really liked it and the employees were very nice and helped me a lot ? I’m thinking about starting my training here ?? Thank you!!!

  2. All the employees at AOK Wertheim are super friendly
    If you have any questions you will be helped immediately.
    Thank you very much

  3. The staff are very friendly and always try to help as quickly and as best as possible. They were a huge help to me during my long illness because I received REALLY GREAT support. Contrary to many statements that I have generally heard about health insurance companies in the event of illness, I had incredibly good support and always had the feeling that it was about my well-being and not about their money. A very committed (social) employee was put at my side (with/after my consent)… a really great person!!!
    Thanks so much!!!

  4. Mr. Altman is a very competent advisor, very nice, friendly and helpful, worked hard for me so that an inquiry came through, thank you so much because I urgently needed help with my health!! Kind regards, Emel Korkut

  5. The customer advisors are extremely nice, polite and courteous. The only minus: Reaching an employee by phone is a game of patience. Tried it countless times and the tape runs every time. Really annoying.

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