AOK PLUS – Filiale Mühlhausen
Steinweg 31, 99974 Mühlhausen/Thüringen, Germany
Rating: 4.5
Rated count: 244

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “AOK PLUS – Filiale Mühlhausen”
  1. Unfortunately, I had tried to contact the AOK days before and never got anywhere. The nice lady who finally answered my call then told me that the applications I had sent couldn’t be found. I’ve heard it several times that a lot of things have already been lost. Now again for me too. Since last week I have been waiting for my application, which I have to fill out again and send back. On the phone the lady made a very characterful impression.


  2. Super nice employees!

    Due to an omission on my part, my child was not yet insured and came to the branch spontaneously without an appointment and was called straight away. The matter was resolved within a few minutes and the problem was solved, even though it was my fault.
    The employees were very friendly and helpful, all in all I am very happy to have switched to AOK!

    Many thanks again to the nice employee for the quick and really problem-free processing!

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