Botanical Garden
Fürstengraben 26, 07743 Jena, Germany
Rating: 4.7
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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Botanical Garden”
  1. Nice botanical garden with a big green house section with lots of exotic plants, little frogs, a butterfly section (not so many when we visited) and quite a large outdoor area. It makes for a nice walk.

  2. This place houses so many species (plants and animals), it’s astonishing. There are giant butterflies here that land on you to say hi. But beware, piranha’s are present

    Walking in the garden is absolutely wonderful

  3. This collection of plants from around the grove will take your breath away. The numbers and varieties are almost incomprehensible.

    It’s all wheelchair (or stroller) accessible apart from some narrow paths in the outside alpine and mountainous areas. It was hard to find the exit, when we soaked up all the smells and views, but me managed in the end.

    Highly worth the 4 Euro we paid pp. Take a look yourself!

    Personal highlight: the Amazon area with butterflies large as your palm flying around your head in one of the greenhouses.

  4. Very easily accessible from the city center.

    Very soothing and peaceful to spend an hour or two, or longer with a book or company.

    2.50€ with a student discount. There’s a free audio guide, only a 10€ deposit is needed. Quite interesting.

    There’s a few halls (different climates, one tropical, one desert) and a pleasant outside areas.

    Highlight were the couple tomato plants that could be picked.

    Watch out for poisonous plants, especially with kids.

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