FH Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences
Blechhammer 9, 98574 Schmalkalden, Germany
Rating: 4.5
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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “FH Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences”
  1. University staff is arrogant as hell ,they dont reply to any student queries and do not care. I have written them 10-15 email to get info about the courses but they dont response. Not only that they dont even follow their own timeline and stick to their deadlines. It seems they really dont want any admissions and do not annouce admission results. I do not know what is wrong with them ,they are really dont care about the future of students and their efforts. Worst university to apply for . You will just waste your efforts and money by sending them documents but they will not tell you about result.

  2. I am studying Masters in Applied Computer Science here. The best thing about the university is its location. No chaos at all. I can study peacefully and go out for hiking wherever I want. Even if Schmalkalden is not a big city, it has everything you would need as a student – State of the art facilities, big library, good teaching, entertainment places, nature and greenary all around, and peace. Just one thing – It has limited job opportunities. One has to travel to nearest bigger cities for jobs.

  3. Ou my. I’ve spent here 5 years of my live. And I would spend 5 more, but no. Bcs FH (i studied here when it was Fachhochschule) gave me a great chance to be a professional in what I do for living.
    It was great time and I enjoy every single minute, when I have a chance to be in Schmalkalden again.

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