LRMC (Landstuhl Regional Medical Center)
Dr Hitzelberger Straße, 66849 Landstuhl, Germany
Rating: 2.8
Rated count: 66

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “LRMC (Landstuhl Regional Medical Center)”
  1. This facility, just like any other military facility is partially dependent on who is currently stationed there. Medically evacuated patients here throughout GWOT. Never had a single issue with the care provided to my troops as this is and will always be the primary reason for its existence. With DHA reductions in medical personel, it’s best if any dependent has an understanding of care in the community as any increase in military operations will result in an increase in active duty workload. Of note, don’t lie on your overseas screenings or you’ll find yourself lacking care here and unless you speak fluent German, you’ll have a difficult time with care provided in the community.

  2. I gave this a 3 star because the nurses and doctors were great they do get a 5 star. Bo was great one of the LPN’s in the ICU also Dr Miller was great. I forgot my other nurse name but he was good also. But the food let me tell you, when they did remember to bring me food which was barely was horrible. They forgot my dinner and breakfast so Bo was kind enough to go grab me something. And when they finally bought me one meal after being there 2 days prior already it was COLD like it had just came out the fridge and the trash it went. I couldn’t wait to get out just to have a decent meal.

  3. I went to the emergency center of Landstuhl because I was having an on going issue. So I went to the emergency care after one of my other appointments. Everything was going good until “Brian Goodknight” deemed my condition not worthy of his time and not an emergency. He told me that what I was going through wasnt sufficient and I should have gone to my PCM. I have went to my PCM before with no luck. Before explaining this he stormed out of the room and told me he isnt doing anything and that he cannot help me. If i am in pain your job is to take a look at my pain and attempt make the pain go away. If I explained my issues to the front desk and the nurses before you and they allowed me to proceed to see you then obviously it was sufficient enough to be properly seen. If you didnt want to work that day then you shouldnt have come to work. You shouldnt be able to “Pick and Choose” who you help. Even if you think its beneath you. Whats the point in being employed at an Army Hospital if your not going to help ARMY soldiers and making their pain go away is “beneath you”? Im not a sensitive individual at all however you have a job to do and if your not up to the task give the job to someone who is. And go find a job you will actually be decently passionate about. Your going to get someone hurt or worse. Over your ego.

  4. I had my son here, and the labor & delivery team, was absolutely amazing. I was their first C section since their new system change. So I thought there’d be a ton of hiccups. And of course, naturally there were some, they rolled with it so well. And didn’t let that stop them from taking care of me and my baby. This team is fluid when they work. It was such a great experience, I don’t want to have my next one anywhere else. Dr. Shae did my surgery, and my incision site is so tiny, and pristine (thank you!). The nurses, Alex, Davis, and I believe her name was Shawna, were so quick, efficient, and kind. They’d come in, get everything done in one shot, so we could get some sleep. There were more that were absolutely amazing, whose names escape me at this moment, but this team was such a blessing to me as a scared first time mommy. Thank you all so much

  5. I spent 30 minutes waiting on hold to make an appointment. When someone comes on the line they say no appointments are available through October and they can’t schedule in November. I have to call back. Why can you only schedule two weeks out? Now I have to spend another 30-40 minutes trying to get someone on the phone.

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