American Dental
1610 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, United States
Rating: 4.5
Rated count: 346

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “American Dental”
  1. It’s really nice. Everyone is very kind and helpful. My doctor, Dr. J is very kind, understanding and helpful.
    Will definitely recommend this dental clinic.

  2. For the past four years, I love coming to this dental office because all staff and doctors are so nice, friendly and most importantly dedicated to help all their clients feel better. They’re good at listening my concerns before any procedure and answering all my questions. The staff always check if my insurance will or not cover something and inform me.

  3. Have been coming here for years this place really cares for their patients. I always leave feeling I have been taken care of. Dr. Anne is very heart warming and always answers my concerns.

  4. American Dental is one of the WORST dental offices I have ever visited. They take advantage of patients, misdiagnose problems, and overcharge without your knowledge.

    I had multiple cavities that I could SEE with my own eyes and told them about them. They denied the existence of this cavities TO MY FACE. Eventually I was able to get a dentist to address them. One other cavity resulted in a root canal. Their dentists ignore problems until they are extremely expensive to fix.

    They refused to listen to my when I complained of pain in one of my old crowns. It ended up being a full blown infection that made my face double in size. The dentist who drained the abscess told me I could have been blinded by the infection. Their lack of professionalism and promptness almost cost me my vision. This is malpractice.

    Additionally, I was prescribed a mouthguard for teeth grinding. I do not grind my teeth and they had no evidence that I grind my teeth. I recorded my self sleeping to see if they were right, they were incorrect. The true cause of my teeth enamel wearing down was acid reflux. They were being lazy and wanted a way to make money off of me. This place is absolutely abusive, disgusting, and unethical.

    PLEASE stay away from this dentist if you value your health or you money.

  5. Incorrectly billed. Balance immediately sent to collection agency. Law office was unable to be reached to pay balance. Refused service while experiencing extreme dental pain. Visited another dental practice and all costs were out of pocket from AD billing my max benefits for the year.

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