Amit Bhattacharya Mecklenburgische Versicherung
Holländische Str. 34, 34379 Calden, Germany
Rating: 5
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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Amit Bhattacharya Mecklenburgische Versicherung”
  1. For about 2 years I have felt that I am in very good hands with Mr. Amit Bhattacharya. Right at the beginning of my membership, Mr. Amit Bhattacharya answered my skeptical questions very professionally. Even over the years, I still have the feeling that my wishes are being taken into account and that I am not being let down. I am still looking forward to many years of good cooperation and can recommend Mr. Amit Bhattacharya and the insurance company.

  2. We are more than very satisfied with Mr. Bhattacharya, an honest insurer and, above all, very personable. You get the feeling that you are not just one number among many. All problems that have arisen so far have been solved quickly and without major bureaucracy. Mr. Bhattacharya is always available and advises us to our complete satisfaction. Offer, performance and price are excellent.

  3. Amit Bhattacharya is very competent and personable.
    I have been completely satisfied since I took out my first insurance with him two years ago.
    Now all my insurance goes through him.
    Amit explains the different types of insurance in an understandable way so that you really understand what you are paying for.
    He is always available and reliable.

    Thank you Amit! ?

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