HUK-COBURG Versicherung – Geschäftsstelle Gießen
Sonnenstraße 3, 35390 Gießen, Germany
Rating: 3.7
Rated count: 64

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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “HUK-COBURG Versicherung – Geschäftsstelle Gießen”
  1. I don’t even know what to say I’m in shocked this if you’re looking for an insurance I would not recommend this insurance the most weird people if you don’t speak the language if you knew to the country any trying to register your car please do not come to this insurance.

  2. 8 years ago you received very friendly advice. Yesterday I had such an extremely unfriendly encounter with an employee that after 42 years I’m thinking about changing my car insurance. How about employee training?
    Or has it become normal in 2023 to treat your customers rudely?

  3. So I’ve never experienced anything like that. There will be a report and it will now be very unpleasant for everyone involved! I won’t put up with such an approach. It’s enough! Normally it belongs to the public like those who sink insurance premiums and are not used to pay for their damages, but rather to pay for expensive and pointless lawsuits even though it would be much cheaper to simply pay for the damages. This insurance is forbidden!

  4. I rate the service of the agency in Giessen, which is aware of the damage and which was involved in the previous processing, with regard to damage settlement damage number: 22-01-719/067014-T after mold infestation in a rented apartment. Here, the HUK simply brushes off severely disabled victims of mold damage and exploits the strength position of a large insurance company

  5. I can only advise against this. 86 inch TV was broken. Was just 8 months old. We had to wait over 3 months for regulation. emails,
    with status request, were only answered after 4 weeks. By phone, after waiting on hold for over 30 minutes, you didn’t get a real answer to your questions and friendly is different too. Now I wasn’t allowed to have the old TV disposed of for the entire time because it might need to be inspected. And after waiting for over 3 months, we received a refund of around 50% of the purchase price. We can’t get a used one in the same condition and we can’t dispose of the old one either, because that also costs money. Absolutely not happy with this process.

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