Old Botanical Garden of Göttingen University
u. Karspüle 2, 37073 Göttingen, Germany
Rating: 4.5
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By Sxdsqc

5 thoughts on “Old Botanical Garden of Göttingen University”
  1. It is a good park, but not worth getting here just for the sake of travel. It is a very special place for my friend tho, because this park is their first date only by themselves. maybe they would like to give the 5 star by themselves

  2. Don’t expect an immaculate botanic garden swarming with attentive gardeners. There is a loose, unkempt feel to this garden verging on the abandoned.
    However it has an undeniable charm and beauty with some excellent specimens and lovely roses.

  3. Beautiful Garden. Unfortunately some of the plants are dying probably because of the Hitze. And was surprised when we had Spaziergang, there were two guys sitting on the bench enjoying their weeds. They hide it everytime people pass them by but the smells cannot escape noses.

  4. Beautiful Botanical Garden with several entrances/exits, a café and absolutely free of charge. I particularly loved their cacti greenhouse. Due to the quality of the terrain it’s not very wheelchair friendly.

  5. Great free botanical garden to walk around, many indoor greenhouses with an amazing variety of plants. Comfortable benches throughout for anyone with mobility problems. Takes around 45 min to walk around and see everything, might have missed one or two greenhouses. A really great activity to do with a coffee any sunny day.

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